Analog & Digital Circuit Design Workstation PB-503

Analog & Digital Circuit Design Workstation PB-503

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Desktop Analog & Digital Design Workstation

The PB-503 Analog & Digital Design Workstation is a robust electronics trainer suitable for all levels of electronics instruction and design. Utilizing the PB-503, students will learn valuable hands-on breadboarding techniques and build a solid foundation in circuit experimentation, construction and analysis. Experienced designers will find the PB-503 an invaluable instrument, providing a reliable platform for the most advanced and demanding design applications. The PB-503 can be used to construct basic series and parallel circuits to the most complicated multi-stage microcomputer circuits, incorporating the latest in industrial technology.

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Product Description


  • 3-year warranty on all parts and workmanship.
  • Ideal for analog, digital and microprocessor circuits
  • New high & low buffered logic indicators
  • 8 channel high & low buffered logic indicators
  • 8 selectable logic switches
  • Function Generator with continuously variable sine, square and triangle waveforms and TTL pulses
  • Triple output power supply offers fixed 5 VDC supply plus two variable outputs: ±1.3 to ±15VDC
  • Two Digital Pulsers
  • Audio experimentation speaker
  • Removable breadboard plate with additional plates available
  • Multiple features in one complete test instrument saves hundreds of dollars necessary for individual units


  • Power: 3-wire AC line input (117V, 60 Hz typical) with power-on indicator. Both Models are available in 220-240VAC@50Hz
  • Fixed DC output: +5V@1.0A, ripple <5mV
  • Variable DC output: +1.3 V to +15V@0.5A, ripple <5mV
  • Variable DC output: -1.3V to -15V @ 0.5A, ripple <5mV
  • Frequency Range: 0.1 Hz to 100 kHz in six ranges
  • Output voltage: 0 to ±10V (20Vp-p)
  • Output Impedance: 600 ohms (except TTL)
  • Output current: 10mA maximum, short circuit protected
  • Output waveforms: sine, square, triangle, TTL
  • Sine wave: distortion <3% (10Hz to 100kHz)
  • TTL pulse: rise and fall time <25 nS. drive to 10 TTL loads
  • Square wave: distortion <3% (10Hz to 100kHz)
  • Logic Indicators: 8 LED's, active high, 1.4 volt (nominal) threshold, inputs protected to ±20 volts
  • Debounced Push-Button (Pulsers): Two pushbutton-operated, open-collector output pulsers, each with one normally-open, one normally closed output. Each output can sink up to 250 mA
  • Potentiometers: One 1 K ohm, one 10 K ohm, all leads available and uncommitted.
  • BNC Connectors: Two BNC connectors, pin available and uncommitted, shell connected to ground.
  • Switches: Two SPDT slide switches, all leads available and uncommitted. 8-pole DIP switch: one side of all eight switches connected and switchable to +5V or ground, other side of all eight switches separate, available, and uncommitted.
  • Speaker: 0.25W, 8 ohms
  • Breadboarding Area: Three UBS-100 sockets with 840 tie-points each for a total of 2520 uncommitted tie-points. Two QT-59B Bus strips internally connected to power and ground. Fifty tie-points each for +5V, +V,=15 V and ground.
  • Enclosure: High impact molded case.
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Overall Dimensions: 6.5in H x 16 W x 11.5in D
  • Part Number: 104-5030

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