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Premier database scanner for security, risk and IT professionals

AppDetectivePro is a database scanner that empowers professionals to scan databases for vulnerabilities, configuration issues, weak passwords, missing patches, access control concerns, and other issues that can lead to user privilege escalation. As complex as databases are, AppDetectivePro provides a cost-effective solution to provide the following:

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Configuration Assessment
  • Identity and Access Assessment
  • Policies
  • Reporting

Product Description

Vulnerability Assesment

AppDetectivePro provides a unique and multi-faceted approach to assessing database vulnerabilities through Pen Test and Audit scans. Through a Pen Test scan, AppDetectivePro provides a detailed view of vulnerabilities that can be potentially exploited by an attacker. For a complete security review, AppDetectivePro’s Audit uses a read-only database account for its scan.

  • Identify all vulnerabilities
  • Identify all issues that could lead to privilege escalation exploits
  • Scan with or without database credentials

Configuration Assessment

AppDetectivePro provides a deep analysis of database security problems, and generates a detailed view of configuration mishaps, patch levels, and OS-related database issues.

  • Identify all misconfigurations
  • Identify all users and roles granted access to system functions and procedures
  • Provide customizable parameters and exceptions within policies for use in different environments

Identity and Access Assessment

AppDetectivePro provides a detailed view of a database’s data ownership, access controls, rights to sensitive information, critical functionality, and ability to execute powerful features.

  • Identify all default accounts and accounts with weak passwords
  • Identify all accounts with DBA roles and other privileged access
  • Provide complete privilege analysis of accounts


AppDetectivePro provides a comprehensive library of database vulnerability and security configuration issues. Using built-in or customized policies, users will be able to examine finding results for the full assessment of Vulnerability, Configuration, and Identity and Access problems.

  • Pre-packaged scan policies for regulatory compliance and leading practices for security
  • Pre-packaged frameworks for DISA-STIG and CIS for complete review of database controls
  • Comprehensive customization ability for policies

Teamshatter Knowledge Base

Supported by the world’s largest and most experienced database vulnerability research organization, AppSecInc’s TeamSHATTER knowledge base sets the standard for complete coverage of database security issues.

  • ASAP Updates deliver vulnerability and security configuration updates for latest threats and changes
  • Out-of-the-box policies assist with regulatory compliance, like DISA-STIG, CIS, FedRAMP, and other security best practices


AppDetectivePro provides reports to suit your needs. Quickly filter on the data to the results you desire and generate an instant report in various formats, including CSV, XML, PDF, and more.

  • Canned database vulnerability assessment reports presented by severity
  • Extensible reports for integration with other IT, Security, and GRC systems
  • Built-in reports to review, compare and contrast database scanning policies


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