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Database Security Platform with precision database activity monitoring

DbProtect is a precision database security and compliance solution that helps organizations control their database security processes in a smarter, more streamlined way. Designed to scale from small to medium sized business to large enterprises, DbProtect boosts operational efficiency and streamlines key database security activities, while enabling organizations to achieve database security, minimize risk, and achieve regulatory compliance.

Product Description

In order to effectively secure their databases, enterprises should use the five best-practice database security "precision" steps:

  • Inventory Databases: Maintain an accurate inventory of all databases deployed across the enterprise.
  • Eliminate Vulnerabilities: Continually assess, identify and remediate vulnerabilities that expose the database.
  • Enforce Least Privileges: Identify user entitlements and enforce user access controls and privileges to limit access to only the minimum data required for employees to do their jobs.
  • Monitor for Deviations: Implement appropriate policies and monitor any vulnerabilities that cannot be remediated for any and all activity that deviates from authorized activity.
  • Respond to Suspicious Behavior: Alert and respond to any abnormal or suspicious behavior in real-time to minimize risk of attack.

DbProtect Precision Database Activity Monitoring

DbProtect utilizes a unique approach known as Precision Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) to help organizations proactively eliminate threats and reduce the scope of monitored activity. Enterprises can monitor with precision by focusing on the most critical database issues while alerting on deviations from normal authorized activity. Precision DAM results in a more effective database defense.

Vulnerability Management

Isolate Sensitive Databases

DbProtect’s active database discovery provides the most accurate and comprehensive inventory of databases across the enterprise.

  • Maintain an accurate inventory of all databases assets
  • Protect against the risks associated with newly deployed, forgotten, or unauthorized databases
  • Find all databases on any port, not just default ports
  • Initiate communication in vendor specific database protocols to confirm that a database has been discovered

Eliminate Vulnerabilities

DbProtect allows organizations to continually assess databases, eliminate vulnerabilities, and fix misconfigurations that put sensitive data at risk.

  • Identify and analyze vulnerabilities in any database
  • Develop effective and fine-tuned policies customized to the database environment
  • Prioritize vulnerability remediation using risk analysis to ensure the most immediate threats are addressed quickly
  • Leverage TeamSHATTER Knowledge Base for rapid vulnerability mitigation and remediation

Rights Management

Enforce Least Privileges

DbProtect provides a detailed view of an organization’s data ownership, access controls, and rights to sensitive information.

  • Identify inappropriate access, and privileged users
  • Monitor for segregation of duties violations as defined in regulatory mandates
  • Control “Toxic Combination of Privileges”

Database Activity Monitoring with Active Response

Monitor for Deviations

With vulnerabilities eliminated, and excessive rights removed, DbProtect enables enterprises to focus on what is most important and monitor with precision.

  • Monitor privileged user activity
  • Identify and alert on unusual or suspicious behavior
  • Block attacks and attempts to exploit database vulnerabilities
  • Define custom monitoring policies to focus on specific activities or specific databases
  • Quickly implement compliance monitoring initiatives with built-in monitoring templates for SOX, PCI-DSS, NIST 800.53, DISA STIG, HIPAA, and more

Respond to Suspicious Behavior

DbProtect allows organizations to define a set of automated reactions to policy violation in response to suspicious behavior. Active responses can be customized to:

  • Send alerts to IT staff to prompt further investigation
  • Send alerts to SIEM systems to correlate suspicious database activity with web application logs for forensic analysis
  • Open trouble tickets to track incidents
  • Initiate malware scans
  • Block suspicious or unauthorized activity

Active Analytics

DbProtect Active Analytics provides a consolidated picture of vulnerabilities, threats, and compliance efforts allowing organizations to quickly determine where and how to deploy resources.

  • Track risk with high-level security, compliance, and operations dashboards
  • Leverage built-in reports including executive level roll-ups, director level summaries, and IT level detailed reports
  • Measure compliance and track assets with an array of regulatory and inventory reports
  • Schedule and automate email reports to the appropriate personnel

TeamShatter Knowledge Base

Supported by the world’s largest and most experienced database vulnerability research organization, our TeamSHATTER knowledgebase sets the industry standard.

  • Boost database defenses with monthly updates – ASAP Update feature ensures the Knowledgebase is updated with the latest database vulnerabilities and threat signatures
  • Stay protected against the most advanced SQL injection and advanced persistent threat based attacks
  • Plan remediation with detailed information and remediation instructions


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