DigiCert Document Signing Certificates

DigiCert Document Signing Certificates

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DigiCert Document Signing Certificates

Digital signatures for Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office, and more

DigiCert makes document signing easy, secure, and efficient. DigiCert Document Signing certificates are ideal for Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, and LibreOffice documents. Simply click on the signing functionality in your favorite editing software, and with a few clicks, you are done.

Each document signing certificate comes with a USB hardware token for two-factor authentication. Your recipients can be confident that you signed the document, and that it has not been altered without your approval. And since DigiCert’s Document Signing digital signatures comply with the U.S. Federal ESIGN Act and many other international laws, your signed documents can be legally binding. Forget all the paper piles, faxing, mailing, and filing, and start using DigiCert Document Signing to streamline and secure your work.

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Product Description

Individual or Organizational Certificates

Depending on your needs, you can purchase Document Signing Certificates that display either your name as an individual, or the name of your organization (team/department/corporation). Our validation team will verify that you or your team are authorized to legally sign documents for your organization. Additionally, each certificate comes with a pre-set limit for how many documents you are authorized to sign each year.

How it Works

DigiCert Document Signing is incredibly easy. DigiCert sends you a USB token with your certificate pre-installed. Simply open your document in Adobe Acrobat, MS Office, OpenOffice, or LibreOffice and follow the prompts to sign a certified document. If you run into any questions you can consult our support pages or helpful support team.


  • Flexibility. Sign Adobe PDFs, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, and LibreOffice documents.
  • Two-Factor authentication. One of the things that make DigiCert Document Signing more secure than simple e-signatures is the two-factor authentication provided by the requirement of both a password and an encrypted USB token.
  • Long-lasting. Digital signature created by DigiCert’s Document Signing certificates never expire. Adobe PDFs can include a time stamp by default, and it is possible to time stamp other document formats.
  • Customization. You control the appearance of your digital signature with the ability in Adobe Acrobat to change its size, placement, font, and even add graphics.
  • Ready to go. Digitally sign your documents right inside your favorite editing software.
  • No compromises. As always, every product from DigiCert comes with our complimentary award-winning customer support and satisfaction guarantee.

Fast Validation and Issuance

DigiCert’s validation experts will validate and issue your certificate in a fraction of the time of most vendors.

Increased Trust

Increase client confidence with digitally signed documents. DigiCert Document Signing assures each signature is authentic and valid.

Peace of Mind

DigiCert, the company that provides digital certificates for companies such as IBM, Intel, HP, Facebook, Sony, and Microsoft, has the expertise to secure the integrity of your documents.

Improved Efficiency

Reduce business costs and accelerate business progress. With DigiCert Document Signing, you can sign and send documents faster. Forget printing, signing by hand, scanning, and mailing–DigiCert’s Document Signing is fast and less expensive, helping you save money and time.


The feature-rich DigiCert Document Signing certificates are inexpensive compared to the competition.

Easy to Use

You can quickly be digitally signing documents without complicated training. The intuitive GUI helps you efficiently sign your documents within just a few simple clicks.

Legally Binding

DigiCert’s Document Signing digital signatures comply with the U.S. Federal ESIGN Act and assorted international laws, making your documents legally binding as needed. This allows you to sign legal documents of all sorts, including contracts, leases, invoices, forms, statements, agreements, and more.

Proof of Identity

A digital signature indicates that a document has been signed by you and has not been altered.

DigiCert Document Signing is compatible with top document programs


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