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Mobile Risk Management

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Easily eliminate mobile security risks via Mobilisafe’s unique mobile risk assessment and management capabilities

As your employees bring in the latest and greatest smartphones and tablets to access company data, this device diversity presents a challenge for you to determine their trustworthiness. Mobilisafe is the only mobile risk management solution that automatically performs a mobile risk assessment of all the devices in your organization and provides easy-to-use tools to eliminate these risks.

Product Description


Mobile Risk Assessment and Management Solution

Exchange On-Premise Office 365

For Mid-sized and Enterprise IT Security Teams

For SMB’s and All Organizations Utilizing Office 365

What Mobilisafe Does?

Device Visibility

Discover employees using mobile devices and exactly what devices they are.

To embrace employee device choices, you must be prepared for employees cycling through devices at their own pace and that they are making choices that work best for them. In the rapidly innovating mobile industry that releases faster and more capable products on a continual basis, employees are switching devices nearly twice as fast as they were just a few years ago.

Real-time insights into the devices your employees are using is a key pillar of an effective mobile security approach that balances employee choice with protecting your company data.

Employee Devices

Detailed information about mobile devices accessing company data is available without installing any software on a device. Mobilisafe provides immediate visibility to specific device attributes including name, model, manufacturer, operating system type and version, along with each device’s connection history.

Employee Details

Detailed views by employee include the number of devices, the types of devices and actionable information about the availability of a firmware update for each device. Mobilisafe also integrates with Microsoft Active Directory to associate these detailed device views with rich profile information for each employee.

Devices Overview

Aggregated views across your organization help you quickly assess the number of mobile users, devices and the diversity of models, operating systems and configurations introduced by employee choice. Visualizing the extent of mobility and mobile diversity in your organization is key to keeping your data secure.

Applications Visibility via New AppSentinelâ„¢

See all applications installed across all mobile devices accessing company data.

Comprehensive visibility to user-downloaded applications is an essential first step to any application risk management program. Mobilisafe lets you see all applications installed, both at an individual device and aggregate level. Inform employees of applications downloaded on their devices that are not approved for corporate use.

Aggregate View

Gain insight into the top applications used by employees. This allows you to gain insight into key applications being used to enhance productivity, understand the amount of confidential company data that is being stored in the cloud, and visualize the number of applications being used that may not be approved for company activity.

Device Level Visibility

Mobilisafe not only gives you specific information of all the applications downloaded on each device, but also flags applications that were not found in the official OS app stores. This way, you can quickly analyze if the flagged applications should be approved for corporate use, or work with employees to find viable substitutes.

Android/iOS Agents

Mobilisafe only requires the installation of an agent on device when application level visibility is desired. Agents will always be optional; the core OS vulnerability assessment and management capability of Mobilisafe is still available without installation of any software on device.


Monitor and assess vulnerability risks in real time with the Mobilisafe TrustScore.

Mobile security issues are complicated. Mobilisafe’s patent-pending algorithms make it easy to understand how your organization is impacted and your data is at risk from emerging vulnerabilities before exploits hit the headlines.

As the amount of vulnerabilities grows over time, so does the likelihood of being exploited. Company data becomes increasingly at risk of being leaked off the device and company servers at risk of being attacked by mobile devices already authenticated to access company resources.

Vulnerabilities Details

Real-time vulnerability mapping identifies devices susceptible to emerging risks. Mobilisafe makes it easy to map and respond to mobile vulnerabilities in real-time. You get a clear picture of the trustworthiness of every device your employees use to access company data.

Employees On Mobile Network

Quickly identify high-risk devices with access to your company data. You can pivot your organization’s data to see devices that are able to upgrade to a newer version of firmware that eliminates known vulnerabilities and dormant devices that have not connected with an enterprise application for at least thirty days.

Vulnerabilities Addressed By Updates

Simplified risk analysis is available at a glance with Mobilisafe’s TrustScore. We issue a TrustScore for every device your employees use so you can easily determine how trustworthy a device is with your company data. You can also see the positive impact on TrustScore from policies you want to create, such as blocking untrustworthy devices.


Mitigate risks with a policy framework that makes it easy to update mobile devices to eliminate their vulnerabilities and control access to corporate resources.

You are not getting any more time in your day to identify and handle mobile security issues that come up. With Mobilisafe’s flexible policy framework, you can define your tolerance for risk and leave the heavy lifting to us.

With mobile devices, a diverse mix of operating system vendors, handset manufacturers and carriers can make it overwhelming to keep devices updated. Minimizing the window of risk from the time a vulnerability is discovered to the application of a firmware update is essential to protecting company data on mobile devices. Mobilisafe tracks the availability of updates and provides tools to get employee devices updated easily.

Create New Policy

Define policies that are tailored to your company with just a few clicks. Policies can be created based on device attributes, vulnerability severity level and employee profile. In addition, you can deploy mobile device security policies based on ActiveSync like enabling a lock screen password, establishing password strength and setting how many failed password attempts will trigger wiping a device.

Firmware Update

Determining the availability of mobile firmware updates for the diverse set of devices in your organization can take a lot of time. Mobilisafe makes it easy on you, by continuously monitoring the availability of firmware updates and automatically alerting you when they are available.

Notify Employees of Update

An effective mobile security approach incorporates regular communication to employees of how to update their devices. Employees play a key role in securing your company’s data because they have the responsibility of applying firmware updates. Mobilisafe can automatically or manually send them instructions with direct links to updates to complete the process.

Why Mobilisafe?

As your employees bring in the latest and greatest smartphones and tablets to work, this increased device diversity presents a challenge to determine their trustworthiness. Mobilisafe is the only solution that assesses each device in real time for its risk profile and provides easy-to-use tools to eliminate these risks, or blocks the device from accessing the company network.

Easily eliminate mobile security risks with Mobilisafe.


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