SecurityCenter Continuous View

SecurityCenter Continuous View

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Real-time Security and Compliance Intelligence

Enterprise Platform Upgraded

SecurityCenter Continuous View identifies systems that are vulnerable, currently being exploited or have already been compromised.

Using a unique combination of active scanning, passive detection, and log analysis, our integrated platform discovers and classifies 100 percent of IT assets, including mobile, virtual and cloud systems, with deployment options that accommodate all network architectures.

Security and compliance analysts get real-time dashboards with drill-down detail for precision remediation, faster incident response and forensic analysis to minimize risk, loss, and compliance violations.

Product Description

Detect Attacks

Statistically profiles assets and tracks changes for anomalous behavior and abnormal activities. Provides immediate visibility into threats, misconfigurations, and activities never seen before that may impact network and security operations or alter compliance status.

Find Exploited Systems

SecurityCenter CV improves visibilitiy and response to security incidents by combining log, event, and NetFlow data collection with deep vulnerability analysis. Users can easily query log records from Tenable and 3rd party systems in order to isolate threats and trace the history of an attack.

Demonstrate Compliance

Reduces manual processes by centralizing logging and analysis. Easily extends proof of compliance through analytics, trending, and advanced reporting for mandates such as FISMA and PCI DSS. Continuous assessment bridges compliance gaps by identifying violations prior to audit.

Understanding Everything in Your IT Environment

Tenable’s SecurityCenter CV uniquely combines active vulnerability scanning, passive network monitoring, and security information and event management (SIEM) to continuously deliver precise, actionable security intelligence. As a result, SecurityCenter CV helps organizations minimize the attack surface, manage active threats, rapidly respond to incidents, and demonstrate compliance with requirements ranging from FISMA to PCI DSS.

  • Discover 100% of IT assets by detecting BYOD systems connecting to the network, discovering unscannable assets in complex network segments, and automatically assessing their risk to determine remediation efforts. 
  • Real-time anomaly detection using statistical analysis allows tracking of botnets, malware outbreaks, unauthorized changes and anomalies with contextual intelligence from threat lists, such as Internet Identity and ReversingLabs, and indicators of compromise. 
  • Comprehensive vulnerability detection from active and passive scans and log event data ensures accurate vulnerability analysis and reporting on the security and compliance profiles of a network. 
  • Respond to incidents faster by analyzing all user, configuration, asset, and authentication data and through audit logs of network devices, systems and applications detect hidden attackers, malicious software, and compromised systems. 
  • Delivers advanced analytics including an extensive repository of dashboards, out of the box and customizable reports that aggregate scan, sniff and log event data to help you identify and respond to security and compliance issues. 
  • Proactively monitor compliance violations, alert on deviations, and continually track whether regulatory requirements are met to better prepare for audits. 

Which Edition of SecurityCenter is right for you

SecurityCenter SecurityCenter Continuous View
Unlimited active scanning with Nessus Yes Yes
Industry's largest vulnerability database, with plugins updated daily Yes Yes
Extensive compliance reporting and auditing Yes Yes
Customizable dashboards Yes Yes
Supports IPv6 address space Yes Yes
LDAP access Yes Yes
Mobile device detection and scanning Yes (via Nessus) Yes 
Real-time asset discovery   Yes
Patented passive vulnerability scanning and network analysis   Yes
Database monitoring   Yes
Encryption detection   Yes
Cloud application usage detection   Yes
Third-party intelligence enrichment   Yes
Malware detection and attack paths analysis   Yes
Statistical profiling for anomaly detection and event correlation   Yes
Stores, compresses and searches logs from thousands of network devices and applications   Yes
Aggregate and normalize data from FWs, IDS/IPS, and DLP solutions, raw network traffic, NetFlow, application logs, user activity, etc.   Yes


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