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User Activity Monitoring

Monitor user activity and threats across on-premise, cloud and mobile environments

Security analysts have vast amounts of log data but few tools that provide insight into the actions users take across on-premise, cloud and mobile environments. This lack of insight masks a large number of threats including data being exfiltrated to cloud services or mobile devices, and attempted access from unknown attackers.

Now in limited release, Rapid7 UserInsight helps you:

  • Gain Visibility into user activity including cloud services and mobile devices.
  • Speed Incident Response by rapidly identifying which user took a particular action.
  • Determine when users credentials may have been compromised.

Product Description

Comprehensive User Visibility

Only Rapid7 UserInsight provides visibility into user activity across on-premise, cloud and mobile environments. The focus on user activity differentiates UserInsight from traditional monitoring products whose effective functionality stops at the firewall. Control unsanctioned web services with visibility into which cloud services and mobile devices employees are using.

Detect Compromised Users

Compromised user credentials account for 40% of breaches and 80% of stolen records. Detect indications of compromised credentials throughout your environment.

Focused Incident Response

Rapid7 UserInsight significantly increases the speed and accuracy of incident response through analysis of activity from key network components across on-premise, cloud and mobile environments.

The unique focus on user activity enables security analysts to identify which user took a particular action and spot meaningful aberrations in that user’s patterns of behavior.


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